Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Your comments welcome

Feel free to send comments or questions for Ken about your experiences with Oneness Blessing.

Lightness and Energy

Coming to [the gathering] today was certainly worth it! By the time Ken got to me, I had already been meditating for some 20-30 minutes. As soon as he put his hands over my head, I began to breath deeply into his hands. My body began to straighten and lift involuntarily with each breath. After he left, my body continued to straighten and lift. I thought I would be able to levitate off the chair soon (never did!). There was a tremendous feeling of lightness and energy.
- Carol Louder

First Deeksha Experience

As someone who has had a couple of intense spiritual experiences that made it hard for me to "do" everyday life, I had resisted receiving deeksha--even though I found the idea very attractive. I didn't feel like I was in a place where I could afford to take time out to go to whatever place it might take me if that was out of ordinary reality. My first experience with The Oneness Blessing was just that--a wonderfully subtle and very real experience of oneness with everything around me. This was accompanied by an equally subtle feeling of peace and well-being--a wonderful place to be. I always expected bliss to be something more spectacular, but I wouldn't be disappointed if this is it. – Martha Hale, writer