Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I had forgotten how special it is

I want to really thank you for making the effort to call me to let me know there was a Deeksha going to be held on Wednesday. I had an incredible experience with it. I totally had forgotten how much difference it made, not just that day , but in the days afterwards. I'm won back over. Again thank you. I had forgotten how special it is and what it did on an ongoing basis the whole week. Everything was easier.
– Linnea

Thank You!

I sooooo appreciate you sharing such a glorious gift with me ! My experience so far has been great ! Although I'm noticing some tightness between my shoulder blades - (some resistance to letting go of some betrayal or perhaps some revenge energy I'm sure LOL ! ) I'm also noticing intermittent tingling sensations occurring in various parts of my body & I slept better last night than I have in weeks. My mood is quite joyous - I notice I am experiencing giggling spurts & I am feeling tremendous gratitude for this becausefor the past 3-4 months, I have been wallowing in anger, resentment, betrayal, fear, grief & abandonment energy. Feels fabulous to release my grip on it ! :) Thank you for showing up in my life to share the gift of you & of the Deeksha!
– Cindy

Energy Release

Last Wednesday was awesome. I felt a whole lot of energy release that I had been holding on to.
– Christiane

Deeksha dosage?

Amazing experiences I've been having since last thursday.... (we) were wondering what the "recommended dose" for Deeksha is ?